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After spending about half my life climbing the corporate ladder, I decided to stop climbing. I’m building my own staircase, climbing at my pace and enjoying the view while I’m at it.

My Story

I’ve come a very long way – to get here.

I’ve always been super ambitious, driven and self-motivated, determined to be the best in my field and with aspirations to be the CEO of a Bank. I remember being interviewed for a local newspaper, and my headline was “ambitions to be a female CEO of a Bank”. For many years, it felt like I was running, achieving one milestone after another, committed to the end-goal of being a super successful banker.

Qualification after another, promotion and the next and I have to admit, it was very fulfilling for years until slowly a feeling started to edge in, I felt like I had the power and potential to do more, something more “aligned” with my purpose.

I knew, in my heart, I was destined for more. But first, I need to understand what “more” was. First, it was titles, promotions then money of course. But when I started my journey of self-discovery. I realized that what I was seeking for so many years, WAS what I wanted but isn’t anymore.

That if it looks good on paper but doesn’t feel “right” in real life it may not be worth it. I started finding what I really want to do, who I want to be on this earth and slowly I’ve redefined my own idea of success.

All I can say is the journey of finding myself, my light, has been liberating. I live by my own terms, defining what success means to me, not what would look better on a corporate ladder.

I choose not to run anyone’s race or play by anyone else’s rules. I want to live a full, inspired life - and achieve success along the way. Success that makes me “live light” - with purpose and meaning.

I won’t say the change was easy, but finding my personal Noor and owning my personal power - has been life–changing. It gave me enough power to quit a job, stand on my own and open a firm. In my heart - that’s peak performance!