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Shine with Noor!

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Training with Noor!

1-1 Coaching Sessions

Shine with Noor!

  • Work with Coach Noorhan on your specific performance and career ambitions
  • YOU can decide what you want to work on, and together with Coach Noorhan you will identify your goals, unlock your potential, and achieve stellar results
  • Packages Include: Weekly sessions, customized activities, and progress tracking
  • Options for: In-person or virtual sessions
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Don’t worry, you can book a FREE virtual chemistry session. That way you can find out if it works for you right now, or not

1-1 Coaching

Group Coaching Services:

Team Light!

  • Do you enjoy working in groups of like-minded people? So, you establish a network, have a support group while being
    coached? We’ve got the perfect solution for you!
  • Our group coaching services allow for up to 5 members to join, groups are structured based on common ambitions and
    goals – so you know you’ll be walking into a room that understands where you’re coming from right from the get-go!
  • Worried about confidentiality? Prior to commencing the Group, everyone from the Team will be signing an Agreement
    that protects the confidentiality of all.
  • Packages include: Group sessions, customized resources, Whatsapp support group and 1-1 coaching check-ins with


Interested? Let us know! We’ll reach out and share the details with you!


  • Executive coaching is increasingly imperative for organizational leaders, the art of leading full teams and managing demanding responsibilities requires the Leader to be the right mind and heart set to serve their Team and organization to the best they can while achieving their own personal goals.
  • Looking for Corporate Coaching solutions for your Executives or team members. Or customized training programs on technical (banking/financial) or leadership topics. We’re keen to work with you.
Corporates Services
group of people watching on laptop

Business/Entrepreneur Consultations

  • Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring business owner? Keen to leverage your business potential further or get guidance on your financials or strategy. Let us know, we’ll book a discussion session with you to identify your needs and how we can support you.
Consultations Services


  • Noorhan has a passion for motivational and inspirational speaking. She’s been speaking for years, all over the world. From the USA, to India, Poland and of course her favorite MENA!
    With over 12+ years professional experience in Banking and Finance and over 6 years in Coaching, Training and mentoring Noorhan builds her content on the mix of both worlds. Seeing the world from both sides has allowed her to build a wealth of stories and experiences and truly inspire change to the audiences she speaks with.
  • I absolutely love sharing stories, speaking with audiences and inspiring change! I’m driven by a purpose to touch lives, encouraging deeper thought and leaving them “lighter” than when I met them.
Speaking Services

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